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  1. At Pangoni Online Marketing, we take a common sense approach on how best to engage the visitors who come to your website.We give you the straight facts… so that you can attract, entertain, keep and sell products to potential or existing customers or leads, through your website.

2. We understand that your website has only four seconds to impress a visitor. Within the 4-second window period, the visitor must feel:

  • He or she is in the right place.
  • He or she will get a solution to an outstanding problem.
  • The website has valuable information or content.
  • The website is unique, reliable, and trustworthy.

Otherwise he or she will click away…

3. We are here for you. We want to help you have and develop a website that keeps a visitor’s interest, and a message that attracts, engages and persuades, yet communicates your core business.

To make your online business achieve this and much more, we integrate web design and web content. We do this by helping you have an elegant website and eye popping content!

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How to Plan Out Your Freelance Website Content In Under an Hour

A website is an important marketing tool for any business. However, having a website that is well organised, easy to navigate, and answers a visitor’s query is a tough job.
Rebbeca Matter, American Writers and Artist Institute (AWAI) president answers this question in this post. She shows you exactly how mindmapping can hep you discover the categories, menu item and content to include in your website.

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What it takes to find the best SEO specialist for your website.

Are you having difficulties in choosing the right SEO consultant for your business? If you have answered yes, then this detailed guide, answers questions like:
1. What criteria do I use in assessing the ability and authority of an SEO professional?
2. How do I know I need SEO services?
3. How do I get maximum value from an SEO expert?
4. …And many more!
By the end of reading, you will get useful tips that will make your website number 1 on Google results, help you save money when you to hire a certified SEO guy, recognition as the top blogger in your niche.
I am sure; you will find it informative, engaging and useful.
PS: Do not forget to post your comments or questions in the comment box below.

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